The realization of construction projects and real estate operations is proving to be increasingly complex and multifaceted. The role and function of each of the stakeholders have evolved over time. The competition for quality finished products is high and the market is tense.
Finding the right opportunities becomes a paramount activity: complex, specialized and requiring real development skills.
Today, professionals in the Real Estate industry, Architecture and Construction, need to be accompanied in defining the strategy and development actions they want to undertake: whether competent in development (but lacking the perspective, initiative or simply the time) or slightly under-experienced, these professionals turn to SUNAH to help them develop.
SUNAH provides tailored support to the development of their activities and a personalised approach to business consultancy.
SUNAH’s mission is to advise and assist key industry players in the development of their activities: auditing, strategic consulting, operational support and business contributions.
SUNAH creates partnerships by building teams for specific projects or business collaborations between firms. It plays the role of interface and facilitator and helps the negotiations between the parties.