de-so (architects & landscapers office) winner of the Ho Chi Minh Ville Museum of Architecture and Urbanism competition (Vietnam)

Publie le : October 20th, 2012           categorie: Other Releases

The French architects, urban planners & lanscapers firm, de-so, was proclaimed winner of the international competition for the construction of the Museum of Architecture and Urban Planning by the Ho Chi Minh Ville Popular Committee.
The museum will develop on 18,000 sqm and will sit facing the city center docks, next to the future great square for which de-so is processing th design studies (after having won the the international competition for it in 2008 with the landscaper Christine Dalnoky).
The budget is 35 millions USD.
The museum will display great urban planning and architecture exhibitions and will allow meeting between professionals, public and tourists.
Situated on the Thu Thiem peninsula, the museum is the first public building this important, identifiable and iconic, and built in this new district. It will be the window for communication for the futur city investors. Genuine networking tool, the museum will offer to the city a great hub for exchange, information, cultures and training.
The building process shall start in 2013 and the building delivery is planned in 2015.

Client : Ho Chi Minh Ville Popular Committee
Scenographers : Pascal Payeur et Patrick Haorau
Local partners architects : ARDOR
Web sites :