Private tour of the Sports Hall in Meaux (77), Première Œuvre Prize 2009 (Le Moniteur Prize), designed by Chartier & Dalix (architects)

Publie le : September 30th, 2010           categorie: SUNAH events

SUNAH has organized the private tour of the Sports Hall in Meaux (77) designed by Chartier & Dalix (architects), the project was rewarded by the Première Œuvre Prize 2009 (Le Moniteur Prize).
This public building was delivered in september 2008 for the City of Meaux, the owner. The natural lighting is brought by polycarbonate transparent panels for the bottom part and polycarbonate translucent panels for the top part of the facades. The vertical rythm gives another visual reading of the building during night time. The architects achieved to build this public building for less than 700€HT/m2, its surface being 2.350 m² SHON.
The tour took place thursday 30th 2010 and received professionals selected by the architects and by SUNAH.
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