Private tour of the Sports Center Pajol designed by architects Brisac Gonzalez

Publie le : March 30th, 2012           categorie: SUNAH events

SUNAH has organized the private tour on the Sports Center in the Parisian eco-neighborhood Pajol.The Sports Center was designed by the architects Brisac Gonzalez (NAJA 2003, 40 under 40 2008).
This public local building of 4,000 sqm comprises a sports hall, martial arts hall and a health room. It is open to local associations, neighboors, and a 8/15 years old youth club participates to the neighborhood life and promote sports and cultural meetings.
The building is certified HQE and is one of the pilot projects which allowed seetting up the HQE referential for gymanisums and sports halls. The buildinf is also THPE (Very High Ernergy Performance, RT 2005 − 20 %).
300 sqm of solar pannels cover the roof, heat and hot water are supplied by the Heat Urban Company (urban heat supply = 60% clean energy in 2010). Rain water is saved and stocked, double-flow ventilation and natural ventilation minimize the needs in heat and air conditionning.
The tour took place the 30th March and gathered professionals selected by the architects and by SUNAH.
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