Visit of the Saint-Lazare shopping mall, a Klépierre project in the heart of Saint-Lazare train station (Paris)

Publie le : July 9th, 2014           categorie: SUNAH events

visite Klépierre
Ph. Rowe has organized for the association ICH members whose she’s administrator of, a private visit of the Saint-Lazare shopping mall owned by Klépierre, first commercial centers investor in France) and situated in the heart of Saint-Lazare train station.
The visit started by a Project Director and Commercial Spaces director presentation (from the owner’s), then followed a presentation by the architects’ firm, AREP.
Since 1995, SNCF restructures its real estate assets partially thanks to private financing. In 1996 the Saint-Lazare shopping mall project is launched through a architecture competition. The project will be delivered in 2012, 17 years after it began.
The shopping mall takes advantage of the 500,000 daily train station users.
Key datas :
– investors & developers : Klépierre & SNCF,
– real estate developer : Spie Batignolles Immobilier,
– contractor : SCGPM,
– rental management : Klépierre Management,
– architects : AREP & DGLa,
– cost : 250M€,
– surface area : 11,000 m2 commercial space + 250 parking lots,
– land use : 40 year AOT.
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